How to Dress Light During Hot Season.

The type of clothing we wear has the ability to affect how well air circulates over our skin, as well as heat and moisture.

On peculiar seasons as these, if our choice of clothes cannot make sweat evaporate from our skin, then it means our skin temperature could increase, thus causing discomfort.

So to help you through the stress of choosing a good and comfortable wardrobe staple, the following advice would be key:

Opt for Clothing with Breathable Fabrics.

Perhaps the nature of your job demands you looking all dressed-up despite the hot weather, then a corporate dress that is lightweight, breathable, and airy could still fit in; to give you a polished office feel. But if not corporate, then you can find that perfect lightweight palazzo trousers, tank top, maxi skirts, athletic short e.t.c that can go well for any outing.

Avoid Dark Coloured Clothing.

Dark-colored clothing works best in absorbing and retaining heat, so they should be avoided during the hot season and replaced with colors such as white, beige, and gray which are all good options that absorb less heat and make you comfortable.

Choose Dresses with Looser Cuts and Styles. 

Clothing that will constrain your body as you move around on a hot day will make you uncomfortable and sweaty, so as a general rule that states “the looser the cooler”, So is the freedom of air and space that you would feel between your skin and your loosed-cut dress.

Wear Sunglasses to Protect your Eyes.  

Accessories like sunglasses can be a great way to look fashionable and protected during hot weather especially if the frames are brightly colored like peach, bright blue, or pink.

Take Care of your Hair

Just as the heat from this weather can damage the skin, so can it also damage the hair too. Sweat and dust can contribute to hair problems like dandruff, hair breaking, hair fall e.t.c, so the hair should be well packed to avoid excessive contact with the skin.

We hope these tips keep you ready and cool to face the weather while still looking fashionable and protected.

Stay cute!

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