Rings And Their Meanings On Different Fingers

Have you been making assumptions before now about the meanings of rings placed on different fingers?

For some reason, many have thought that wearing a ring on any of the hands are the same. So, they choose to wear rings on their less dominant fingers, i.e. the left hand, and use the right hand to carry out most actions and tasks.

Whatever you might have thought so far, we have brought this post to let you know the different names of our fingers and the symbolic meanings rings have on each of them…

The Little (Pinky) Finger

The word pinky means “little”, and it is used to refer to the smallest finger. It is that finger where you wear your ring when you want attention paid on them. Rings worn on this finger looks best and fashionable when they are tiny. And regardless of whether worn on the right or left, it depicts the wearer as a good negotiator, someone with intuition, communicator, and quick intelligence.

The Ring Finger

This finger is commonly associated with weddings because long before medical science was established, people had thought that there was a direct vein from our ring finger to our heart, which is known as the “vein of love”. Thus, making it the natural finger to wear a wedding ring on it. However, when a ring is worn on the right fourth finger, it indicates engagement, while on the left fourth finger indicates marriage.

The Middle Finger

This finger is in the middle and the longest of all. A small ring on the middle finger will not interfere with the flexibility of the index finger as a chunky or big ring will do. So, perhaps you are the type that is work-conscious and engages in self-analysis, then this is the finger to place your ring on, as it is known to signify responsibility, balance, purity, and beauty.

The Index Finger

It is also known as the “Pointer Finger”, and the busiest finger of the five. So, there is a natural instinct to keep it clear since we use it more than any other digit (except the thumb). However, it turns out that a ring on this finger doesn’t interfere with work as much as the one on the finger next to it. Thus, making it a good place for things like class rings, fraternal rings, or family and membership crests.

The Thumb Finger

Thumbs are associated with messages of willpower because it connotes wealth and influence. So rings worn on them tend to fit well when they are broad and bulky.

These days, choosing a finger for our ring is mostly a matter of personal preference. However, it’s important to understand what our ring placement says about us to other people because that way, we can make an informed choice about which finger we choose to display our ring.

Stay cute!

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