How to Stay Safe Via Your Dressing

It’s no longer news that the Coronavirus crisis is fast becoming a global one as it has directly affected many industries including the fashion industry.

And since proper clothing plays a significant role in the prevention of these infectious virus, then it’s important to know the basic fashion staples that could make our dressing a lot more safer.

The following fashion staples are not only meant to prevent us from these ravaging coronavirus pandemic, but also have their designs and fabrics made in line with safety from the general hazards that surrounds us.

They are:

1. A Basic Long-Sleeve Tee

The relaxed fit and soft cotton of these staple makes the duration of any virus short-lived on it, because the fabric is porous; and researchers believe that fabrics with porous materials catches virus particles dry them out and break them apart.

2. A Good Cashmere Sweater

These staple is also lightweight, warm, and feels super soft on the skin, thereby preventing discomfort of any sort that can make you want to touch delicate part of your body with your hands; thus reducing the risk of the virus.

3. A Pair of Good Socks

These ones are thin, fitted, and soft too, that even with the stay at home advice given by the government to cob the spread of these virus, can still be used to keep our feet safe from contact with contaminated surfaces. And it also keeps our ankles warm enough for the unnecessary tiredness that boredom could cause.

4. A Versatile Pair of Joggers

Joggers are perfect pants for everyday wears, but since they ain’t denim, they come as alternative to jeans. And unlike joggers, jeans comes with zippers and buttons made with stainless steels and plastics where viruses can remain active after two or three days. But the breathable and loosed baggy fit of joggers makes them comfortable and safe to wear for long hours.

5. A Head Warmer

These fashion staple is known to repel water and keep the head warm, which is detrimental for the survival of any virus.

Therefore, as we grow more and more aware of precautions to take in this coronavirus pandemic, we should always make clothing choices that are wise and safe for us always.

Stay safe and Don’t Panic!


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