How to Step Up Your Outfit This Season with Lapel Pins

What’s that one way you can stylishly elevate your outfit as a guy?

Perhaps you decide you want to be fashion-forward with your native or corporate attire, How can you possibly go about it?

These questions and many more might have run through our minds, owing to how unique we intend to look good in this season with our basic clothing staples…

But the answer is actually not far fetched, as the use of accessories like “Lapel Pins” can do so much wonder without much stress.

And, Just in case you are hearing about this accessory for the first time or don’t know what it is, it is a small decorative pin worn on the lapel of a jacket.

Lapel pins are an essential piece of accessories that come in varieties of shapes, sizes, and styles.

However, How to wear them, position them and match them with our clothes; comes with some basic tips that are unknown to most guys;

Below are a few tips that would help…

Don’t Over Accessorize.

One important rule of wearing a lapel pin is never to over-accessorize. When wearing a pocket square, tie, collar pin, and a lapel pin all at once is going to be way too much, a more conservative combination that would speak simplicity should be embraced.

Don’t Wear Lapel Pin to Formal Events.

Wearing a lapel flower pin or boutonniere with a Native attire or business attire when going to work or any formal event is considered as overdressing. However, for weddings or other non-formal occasions, it’s fine and can be worn on tuxedo, formal suit or native attire.

Don’t Wear lapel pins on the Right Side.

Making this simple style blunder of having your lapel pin worn on the right side instead of the left side is going to make your look awkward, so ensure the positioning is right, and you can trust to get the best of compliments.

Above all, wearing a lapel pin can help you customize your attire to your own personal taste or affiliate you with an organization or brand; Thus, rating you as high class and sophisticated any day or any time.

Yours in Style.

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