Tips To Take Note of Before Choosing a Face Mask

Until the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the decision to wear a face mask by fashion lovers has literally translated to one compulsorily having the urge to add a little bit of drama to complement their outfit.

As funny as these might sound, to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus from an infected person to those around them; a face mask is needed. Thus, making the fashion industry around the world, together with its lovers start sorting for innovative ways of sustaining our daily fashion-conscious activities even with the vast spread of the virus.

The following tips which are worthy of note are the strategies they came up with:

Tip 1

Attention to the fit

 In truth, wearing a mask can be a little bit annoying especially for glasses wearers, who may struggle with the masks steaming up their lenses, it can also make breathing somewhat uncomfortable and stuffy. However, attention to the fit can be achieved when the whole nose and mouth are well covered with an extension to the chin to give a comfortable and relaxed feel through the cheeks, to the ear which serves as a pivot proving the fact that fashion is also all about comfort.

Tip 2

Attention to the fabric

No mask is of any good if it’s not breathable, but proper attention to the fabric comes to play when in doubt of its breathability and effectiveness. Thus, a light test is conducted to ascertain these, via holding up a light to the fabric and checking to see if the flame is blown out. If it can’t, then a suitable filter can be inserted in between the fabric because only then will it be safe to stop the spread of the virus also proving that fashion entails our safety.

Tip 3

Attention to the colour

Except it’s a surgical face mask, then we are free to experiment with whatever face mask colour we want. The attention only surfaces when we want to be conscious of having the colour match up with our cloth. And since there are people saying, “We’re not going to allow this pandemic destroy our love of fashion.” Then, trying out bold colours that match our outfit design and type is a whole lot in giving that unique and different look that still retains our fashion vibe.

This strategies has therefore clearly shown to us, that fashions can emerge from every crisis, and face masks are no exception.

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