Challenges and How to Cope With the Face Mask Protective Trend

As the personal protective equipment (face mask) is fast becoming the norm; Businesses and the healthcare sector have been on the high side of providing and administering several safety options to make its use a readily available one in the society. However, there have been lots of complaints about it, that are presenting a bigger challenge for individuals than the prevention of the Coronavirus itself.

The following are the challenges associated with the rising use of face masks and how to cope with them:

Challenge 1

Breathing difficulty

Breathing is said to be the quality of life. Therefore, any face mask that poses a challenge to that has defeated its purpose because it is meant to protect us from breathing droplets that could come from an infected person around; and not to choke us.

Coping Strategy

To cope with this challenge, the size, style, and fabric texture of our face mask should be reconsidered.
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Challenge 2


Anxiety gets triggered in everyone when there is a condition of uncertainty, and the fact that everyone out there seems to be wearing a mask could produce various thoughts of fear in our mind.

Coping Strategy

Occupying our mind by thinking about good thoughts and not bad ones and also trying to find humor in the kind of face masks we wear; such as opting for face masks with funny patterns on them, can go a long way in helping us cope.

Challenge 3

Effective Communication Hindrance

For those whose style of communication depends solely on sign languages that involve the use of their mouth and other parts of the face, now that they’re getting to use a face mask as well, it has hindered their understanding of one another.

Coping Strategy

Adding intensity to our visual gesture with the aid of a specialized face mask made for those with impaired hearing or having our own paper and pen are the possible solutions that could probably be needed to cope while communicating.

So, as often as we can, let’s endeavor to pull off our face mask when off a crowded environment or not in close contact, and together we can bring some humor to the world to diffuse any bit of discomfort.

Keep Staying Safe!

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