Brogues…A Must Have For Every Lady

We are in the days where female footwear styles are not just made to be preppy and feminine but also designed to be functional, beautiful and desirable, thus creating their versatility from formal to casual outfits.

As against the popular belief, brogues aren’t just for men but has grown to become a recent fashion staple to be owned by every woman due to the following exemptions:

  • They possess the advantage of looking more formal that any flat shoe will do.
  • They add this smart and masculine element to your feminine look thus giving you that polished and unconventional look.
  • They easily match up to any style of dress, be it a pair of suit pants or trousers, a shirt or blazers, a skirt or wrap dress and so on. 
  • They mostly come in black, brown and burgundy colour, which can easily match any color of outfit you choose.
  • They provide that additional support for your feet for those times you don’t want to go on heels.
  • Depending on the style, they provide an adjustable fastening that can be tightened or loosened to suit your feet.

So, ladies to ensure your look appears more sophisticated than casual, then a pair of elegant brogues is a must-have for you…

Stay Funky!

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