Fashion or Comfort?

In today’s era, we are surrounded by magazines, celebrities and fashion blogs telling us what to wear and how to wear them. But then, the way we individually define fashion is very key in determining what our choice will be as regards the words “Fashion” and “Comfort”…

“To the girl who struggles while wearing high heels and a high skin-tight outfit; and to the guy who always wears a loose-fitted polo and a baggy jean… Would we say they embraced fashion over comfort or vice versa? Can they still leave a good impression on people about their sense of style?…”

We are here to help you make the right choices as regards these questions; while considering the subject of “Fashion” to “Comfort”.

1 When you choose Fashion over Comfort, it unarguably changes your personality from the conventional to the finest, which is the desire of many fashion lovers. However, a proper understanding of your environment and occasion must be a top list if you want to compromise comfort for fashion. For example, a place one might compromise fashion for comfort could be a wedding party or the workplace; where the sound of stilettos hitting the marble floor becomes the siren of a powerful woman walking down the aisle. But not many are aware of the pair of worn-out flats under her table that she slips into, the moment she sits down.

2 When you choose comfort over fashion, there is no doubt in the fact that you will be able to show off your style statement without stress. However, this will only come to play when your definition of comfort is not prudishness. The philosophy of comfort is in you feeling yourself in what you are wearing and be able to do everything that your body parts was designed to do without any major restrictions. Various designers have now come up with new apparels which are comfortable along with being fashionable for all occasions ranging from traveling to weddings. This conjunction of fashion and comfort has therefore made it clear that both are equally important.

So, no need to make your fashion choice painful instead, we should learn the art of combining both fashion and comfort. Yet, comfort must never be compromised for fashion to avoid ruining your fashionable personality…

Love you!


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