Less is more

The term “Less is more” is becoming the newest theory currently ruling the design world than it used to be before.
And whether you are considering fashion designing, fashion illustration or other sides of fashion, this phrase stands as a projection of simplicity, elegance, and most importantly functionality.

Anything can be made too much and gaudy from its original look if this concept isn’t in place; especially in our dressing. And people who don’t know how to dress often overdo it.

So, in order to know the style rules to consider if your less must really be more at all times, then take note of the following tips:

Good grooming

This style tip is the basis for the “less is more theory” because aside from our dressing, what adds to our overall look and simplicity is the keeping in good shape of our body parts like our eyebrows, body hairs, finger and toenails e t.c.


There is no need to go into too much detail as regards knowing what fits you because we’ve written so many articles on these. However, if your simplicity is really going to speak and be admirable, then your outfit must fit you perfectly.


The style in fashion always come in handy, because that’s the signature that shows the real “YOU”. Your sense of style must be worth it if your less would really be more; because it will add that little extra to the simplicity you intend to project. We are yet to find a fashion minimalist that takes note of these tips and doesn’t look amazing every time they step out of their home.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the “Less is More Theory”?

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