How to look good in pictures

Do you ever find yourself not knowing how to look good in pictures?…

Its amazing that at some point, all of us have occasionally fallen victim to the scourge of “Unflattering Photos”, resulting to lots of deleted pictures after taking so much effort to snap.

In our current social media-obsessed world, there is a simple trick to always having your photos come out well; which is 


Not knowing how to pose for pictures simply isn’t an option because even if we’re completely satisfied with the way we look in the mirror, a bad pose could make us shelf an outfit we had originally loved.

 So, in learning how to pose well for your pictures, you need to take note of the following:

The Power of Smile

Creating an interesting and natural pose in photographs could be quite hard. So, laughter would come in very handy as it usually comes off beautifully. Nothing ruins a picture faster than a fake smile and forced emotion.

A Good Angle

Since everyone is shaped differently, a viewer’s eye will naturally gravitate to whose pose is best in a picture. So, a good angle comes to play when you stand comfortably without mimicking the people directly next to you, when you slide your face slightly away from the camera, and when you go for a background that enhancing the lightning effect of your picture.

My primary recommendation for looking good in your pictures is : 

“To Be Yourself. “

Your pose should make you feel most comfortable in being you, so as to capture the natural smile and an evidently relaxed body.


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