Tips for Answering Red Carpet Interview Questions Effectively

Lately, I have noticed that people are usually more concerned about how well they answer the questions directed to them at the red carpet of an event that they have ever been before…

And since red carpet questions are very specific, concise and straight to the point, it can be answered effectively such that we are not just looking beautiful and elegant, but also sound and brilliant.

Here are the tips to answering your next red carpet interview questions.

Question 1

  • Who are you wearing?

Gone are the days when we show up at an event and everyone admires our outfit without knowing the brain behind the design… A big thumbs up to the mastermind behind the introduction of the red carpet in an event, because not only has it created a platform for us to express our personal style, it has also given the designers a voice to display their creativity to the outside world… So when you are asked “who you are wearing?”, it means what is the name of the brand you are representing through your dress and other accessories you have on.

Question 2

  • How did you put this together?

Giving an effective answer to our red carpet host requires us knowing the basics of all we’ve put together as our outfit. Perhaps, we employed the service of a stylist/ fashion illustrator or a make-up artist to come up with our style, then that is the best time to mention their names for the purpose of recognition.

Question 3

  • Why are you wearing this?

A way to give our designer’s brand the props it deserves is to choose their outfit amongst the numerous suitable dresses in our wardrobe. Answering this question should be such that we explain how the outfit helps us project the success embedded in our personality…

And since no other response can make your designer/stylist/fashion illustrator or others more fulfilled, then I hope this post helps our next red carpet adventure.

NB:  If you have more tips or questions, feel free to add them to the comments section below.


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